Viva TV APK 1.2.0 for Android, FireStick, PC Download Latest Version

Viva TV is obviously a new handsome clone of TeaTV, but there is no official confirmation from the developers of both applications. However, by closing the TeaTV app, most users find the app similar, so you can try it today. The Viva TV app has all the features of TeaTV and very few other interesting features that we discussed in this article.

With the latest movie app on the Android market, some bugs become annoying for all users. Don’t worry, we have your back and we are covered in all possible ways in this article. Okay, let’s go to the article to learn more about the latest version of Viva TV APK.

Why only Viva TV?

There are many great apps that offer free movies and TV shows, but each app has its drawbacks. With that in mind, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, and other useful things with the built-in search engine for movies and TV shows.

The Viva TV Online app will work great with your search queries. When you post something, it scans the entire internet to find publicly available links, and gives you app within app. So you can choose any link to view things.

This app is not helpful if you are looking for a live TV app; or you can try the GHD Sports app, which is the best TV app in its class with special, well-designed sports stuff. Morphix TV is another great option for watching live TV.

Features Viva TV Ad Free

All the special features that other major movie apps have already had, along with the exceptional features of the latest feature we mentioned below.

The simplest mega clip is the main advantage of this app, which includes movies, TV shows and HD releases on top of the app.
Banner Slider recommends the best moving content in the world.
The Best Christmas Movies section gives you access to the best movies that are perfect for your holiday career.
NF Shows: Here you will find all the shows that are currently popular in the apps of famous TV series.
NF Movies: Here you can access hundreds of HD movies.
WWE and UFC PPV: This is the most important area we need to talk about because you can’t get such a feature in any other app so far. Where to find all videos related to UFC Fight Nights, WWE HeavyWeight Tournament, etc.
TV shows 2019 and Movies 2019: these are two special categories for TV shows and movies.

Watch List: This is another great feature where you can create a list of movies and TV shows to watch and watch.
Calendar: Allows you to create your favorite movies and TV shows.
Category: You can select any category from the available list, for example, action, thriller, comedy, romance, etc.
Download Manager: Allows you to organize movie downloads and enjoy offline content.
Easier way: If you encounter server problems, switch to easy mode where you will experience the in-app app more easily.
Viva TV Live 1.2.0 APK information
The name of the Viva TV Online application
APK size 18 MB
Version 1.2.0
Category of movies and TV shows
Requirements for Android 5.1+
Updated June 10, 2020
Upload counts ...



Download the latest version of Viva TV APK

The Viva TV for Android APK file is not available in the Google Play Store due to some issues. This way, you can't download apps from Google Play phones to Android phones. But you don't have to worry about downloading the apk, of course you can get it with the download button below.

As soon as you click the link, you will see something similar to the one I showed tv broadcastTouch "OK" to start downloading the file immediately. Go to Download from a web browser and check the download status of the file. Once the download is complete, you can follow the instructions below.